50 Best Blogs for Word Lovers

Word lovers don’t have a look. You can usually pick a science fiction fan out of a crowd, and it’s easy to spot the foodie at your favorite restaurant, sitting by himself and taking way too long to smell and look at his glass of wine. But the beautiful thing about word people is that they come from all walks of life.

This list of the 50 best blogs for word lovers should give any lexophile hours and hours of word fun. Spread across five categories, these 50 blogs are the best the blog universe has to offer the word-obsessed.

Word Lover Blogs

The Internet is made up mostly of words and pictures. Word junkies like the bloggers listed here are stuck on language, the way it is used, and the way it can beautify.

Word Lovers Blogs

  1. Lexiophiles
    Lexiophiles is stuffed to the brim with awesome words and discussions of language. All languages are approved, from English, French, and Spanish to Latin.
  2. Paul McFedries’ WordSpy
    Calling itself “the word lover’s guide to new words,” WordSpy makes a habit of sharing words recently added to the English lexicon. Words like “arrival city” and “nukebot” are examined from their roots to their contemporary usage.
  3. Word Magazine Blogs
    A nearly obsessively-updating group of bloggers examine the world of words online, with some cultural criticism and goofy videos thrown in for good measure.
  4. Cindy Reads
    This rather simple blog is a perfect example of all the personal word and language obsession online. A regular Joe (in this case, a regular Cindy) blogs about her reading and other things related to her love of language.
  5. Love and Words
    This blog, by spoken word artist Cassandra Tribe, is a well-written and often philosophical blog on words and their meaning, written by someone who makes a living off words.
  6. Language Hat
    A linguist and reader obsessed with Russian writes this blog, constantly updated and always thoughtful. What Language Hat does well is share the spotlight, often highlighting other great word blogs.
  7. The Word Detective
    This is the online edition of popular newspaper column The Word Detective. All your word questions, big and small, should end up here. The Word Detective is a ceaseless champion for the cause of better vocabulary and better understanding of English.
  8. Phonetic Blog
    Nearly 1,000 linguists, professors, and word people are members of this site, following the latest in phonetics and vocabulary news and opinions.
  9. Michal Mechura’s MultiKulti
    Written by a language technologist, MultiKulti is the perfect intersection of tech and language. Those of you who work in high-tech fields and love language as a hobby, check out Michael Mechura’s awesome blogging on both topics.
  10. Wordnik Blog
    Offering a weekly language blog roundup that no lover of language should miss, Wordnik Blog also hosts a Word of the Day feature and has an active comment community. Some word lovers I know set Wordnik as their homepage.

Language Blogs

As our world gets smaller thanks to wide-spread broadband Internet and increased communication across borders, languages become our final identifier. These blogs focus mostly on languages around the world, how they’re similar, how they’re different, and their unique features.

Language Blogs

  1. Nancy Friedman’s Blog
    Also known as Fritinancy, this blog examines the language problems we come across in everyday life, from a flower shop named after a racy young adult novel to incomprehensible URLs.
  2. Pain in the English
    From word coinage to a word’s etymology, to contemporary usage and grammar, this language blog covers it all.
  3. Beyond Words
    The blog for a professional translation service, Beyond Words digs a little deeper into both online tech and the philosophy and art of translation. A good place to read about the art and business of translation.
  4. About Translation
    Another translator’s blog, About Translation is written by an anonymous certified translator. Topics covered are all over the map, but the author always brings things back to language and translation.
  5. Brave New Words
    Regularly updated (every five days like clockwork), Brave New Words is an in-depth look at the latest issues in language, English translation, and other topics of interest to word people.
  6. Language Log
    Not for the feint of heart, Language Log digs into the heavy-hitting issues of our language. A recent article is called “Diglossia and digraphia in Guoyu-Putonghua and in Hindi-Urdu,” to give you a sample of the kind of highbrow language talk to expect here.
  7. The Language Blog
    I don’t know what it is about translators and translation services, but they sure do love blogging. The Language Blog is a fun read, an easy read, and often wanders away from language to address pop culture from a word junkie’s perspective.
  8. The English Blog
    Designed for people teaching or learning English as a second (or third or fourth) language, The English Blog is actually great for native speakers as well, gathering grammar hints and English language news items under one roof.
  9. The Virtual Linguist
    The virtual linguist is a blog written by a real-life linguist, covering issues with pronunciation, usage, and grammar. There’s enough hardcore linguist stuff thrown in to call this a legitimate language blog.
  10. Language Portal News Blog
    This blog is hard to describe. The mission appears to be to improve the translation and multi-lingual functions of Microsoft Office. Seems dull, but is fascinating to people obsessed with languages and translation.
  11. Linguaphiles
    Less a blog than a collection of LiveJournal bloggers talking about their love of language, Linguaphiles made the list because it is a great jumping-off point for learning about all things related to the words we speak and why and how we speak them.

Word Game Blogs

Word lovers love word games. These blogs focus on the ins and outs of games built around language.

Word Game Blogs

  1. Scrabble Podcast and Blog
    This combination blog and podcast series is a perfect collection of Scrabble news and tips for players at all levels.
  2. Confessionals from Medicine and Scrabble
    The joys and struggles of a doctor-by-day and Scrabble fiend by night.  Lots of hardcore Scrabble tournament data to be mined here.
  3. Yet Another Scrabble Blog
    Yes, we know this blog hasn’t updated in  a while. But the blog’s author is still around and responds to all inquiries. This database of Scrabble news and tips is a great bookmark for the word game nerd.
  4. Lady and the Blog
    A blog that only sometimes relates to word games, Lady and the Blog is a cute, easy to read, and well-written account of the life of a word and language obsessed mom who is also a Scrabble and word game addict.
  5. Word Buff
    Talk about content-rich, Word Buff is a virtual compendium of knowledge on word games and word problems of all varieties.
  6. Dr. Goodwords Language Blog
    A blog run by alphaDictionary.com, Dr. Goodwords language blog features new words, hard to spell words, and archaic words, a feast of the eyes for our fellow word fans.
  7. Two Way Media’s We Love Word Games
    Though these bloggers are taking an extended winter break as of this writing, this blog is normally hyper with updates and posts on the entire universe of words and word gaming.
  8. Hot for Words
    Awesome words and vocabulary lessons delivered by a cute host. Who wouldn’t want to watch along?
  9. Scrabble Blog
    As the writer of this blog gets more and more into online Scrabble play, Scrabble Blog becomes a wealth of resources for online word games players, with reviews of games and even reviews of online opponents to keep you busy for hours of word game reading.

Grammar and Usage Blogs

Need a little help with that term paper? These bloggers are sometimes called grammar Nazis, people obsessed not with the beauty of language but by its rules and regulations.

Grammar and Usage Blogs

  1. Lauren Holder Raab’s Blog
    Writer and editor Lauren Holder Raab writes this blog covering grammar mistakes, common grammar oversights, and notes on diction and word history as well. One of the more polished grammar blogs online.
  2. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
    Good for a laugh but serving an education purpose as well, the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks provides photo and scanned evidence of the improper use of quotations. You grammar snarks who go out of your way to point out the misuse of punctuation will be in heaven here.
  3. Grammar Gang
    Academic style, grammar, usage, and vocabulary are the focus of this extremely detailed blog written by an anonymous teacher and a few other grammar Nazi bloggers.
  4. Motivated Grammar
    An anti-prescriptivist blog (and if you know what that word means, you’re in the right category) put together by a doctoral candidate in Linguistics. Examining the way grammar is changing and the way grammar changes are addressed by our culture, Motivated Grammar is a brainy-but-accessible entry into the world of descriptivist language philosophy.
  5. Grammar Girl
    This is the kind of girl you could take home to your grammar snob mama. The material here covers more about the life of a grammar-obsessed person than grammar issues themselves. A recent debate on whether or not you should correct other people’s grammar mistakes was particularly heated.
  6. Mighty Red Pen
    The Mighty Red Pen never misses an opportunity to point out someone else’s grammar or language mistake, even when these mistakes appear at sites or from media they otherwise respect. Plenty of grammar snark here to tide you over.
  7. Barrie England’s Real Grammar
    A highly educated multi-lingual teacher of English as a second language writes this blog, full of long ruminations on topics important to the world of grammar snobs.
  8. GrammarPhobia Blog
    A blog for people who aren’t so darn serious about their grammar pickiness, GrammarPhobia blog brings together the world’s of online humor (with its sarcasm) and the mean-spirited world of grammar snits.
  9. The Grammar Cop
    From help with homonyms to thoughts on words like “y’all”, The Grammar Cop is another light-hearted look at the way we all destroy our beautiful native language.
  10. Daily Grammar
    Daily Grammar suggests that, by playing along with their weekly grammar games and lessons, you will improve your grammar over time. Whether this is true or not, the lessons learned here are valuable to students and teachers alike.

Writer’s Blogs

We all have our favorite writers. Discovering that one of your favorite poets or novelists has a regularly-updated blog is a great way to get deeper into their body of work.

Writers Blogs

  1. Sandra Beasley‘s Chicks Dig Poetry
    One of the best-named language blogs online, Sandra Beasley’s Chicks Dig Poetry is interesting because of Beasley’s position as one of the great up and coming writers in America. Her blog is mostly the expected fare from a writer: best of lists, notes on current events. But following along with Beasley’s thoughts and opinions is well worth the ride.
  2. The Best American Poetry
    David Lehman, editor of the Best American Poetry series, contributes to this blog put together by the various editors of that series. Want to keep up with the latest in American letters? Follow this blog.
  3. Ron Silliman
    Young writers, poets, and artists of all types best become familiar with Ron Silliman’s blog. Names are made and careers launched at the tip of this one guy’s fingers. Follow Silliman for long and you may wonder when the guy gets any sleep. This blog is that active.
  4. C. Dale Young
    Another up-and-coming poet, C. Dale Young is also the editor at about a billion journals and a working doctor. His life is as interesting as you think it would be, but the way Young interacts with his readers is the real star of the show here.
  5. Science Fiction & Fantasy Novelists
    This blog and site is made up of “an invitation only group of science fiction and fantasy authors.” The goal of the site is to promote and support writers of genre novels, mostly science fiction and fantasy.
  6. Angela Gant’s Blog
    This playwright, winner of a Kennedy Center award and just beginning to have success in New York City, recently suffered a traumatic brain injury. Reading along as she recovers is fascinating and uplifting. You have to read it to believe it.
  7. Playwrights Foundation Blog
    The blog of the Playwrights Foundation, a group dedicated to supporting American playwrights from all professional levels. News and notes on play writing in America and the state of American theatre.
  8. A Writer’s Life
    Genre fiction writer Lee Goldberg shares any and everything that goes on in the life of a contemporary writer.
  9. Novelists, Inc. Blog
    Lesser-known writers, mostly eBook authors, banded together to support the blog of their group, Novelists, Inc. A great inside look at the business of eBook sales and the lives of struggling word artists.
  10. Writer Unboxed
    Two aspiring novelist friends started Writer Unboxed in 2006, and have since given us an inside look at their successes, their failures, and their new word and language obsessions.

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