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Wordskit.com is a website about learning words and language study, with a particular focus on quotations. Different people take different approaches to learning, but we're fond of wordplay, creativity, and fun. Our goal is to improve our vocabulary by writing about words, their origins, and their meanings. We also write about language usage, especially in writing, but also in everyday speech. Vocabulary games are a popular way of learning, but unless you consider the kind of creative writing we do on this site a game, we're not really focused on that aspect of. Our approach is a lot less structured than even the most un-structured game.

Interesting Words & Weird Words

Letters on Blocks - The Way We First Start Learning to Make WordsWordskit is a site about words. And not just about words, but about weird, interesting, and wonderful words. We think it's fun to start learning about language study. You can find one of our favorite pages at this link: Weird Words and Their Meanings. (It's a blog post from a while back.) This post, Writing Weird Words, is also a good one.

You might also be interested in this blog post about Interesting Words or this post, Origins of Interesting Words.

Our site also offers quotations. You'll find fun, interesting quotations as well as examples of quotation mythology and misquotations on this site. We don't take quotations, or language too seriously. You shouldn't either, and you shouldn't take our site too seriously either. One good example of what we've written about related to interesting sayings and quotations is this page, Funny Words of Wisdom.

We try to take a fun and creative approach to language study.

Word Skit Contributions

Contributions to The Langwidge:

Sol Squire, David Lawton.

Contributions to Quotations:

David Shein [06], Clark Moran, Geoffrey K. Braden [05].

Contributions to Heenan's Universal Dictionary:

Mark N. Taylor, Editor, Georgia Chess Magazine.

More About Us

WordSkit is owned and edited by Randy Ray, who has a degree in Literature from the University of North Texas. He did not, however, write all of the content on the site. Andrew Heenan was the original owner and author of the site, and much of the content on the site was authored by him, especially the content on the static pages. The pages on the blog have been added since Ray acquired the site in February, 2009, and many of the blog posts were written by him or his friend Will Roby, who also has an English degree. Some of the content was written by John Clifton and/or Shane Rivers, both of whom are professional writers and researchers.

We didn't do a lot of work on the site in 2011, but in 2012, we have a new publishing schedule with a lot of exciting content planned. Be sure to bookmark the site and return often for the updated pages.

If you're looking for ways to save money, visit this site that offers information about free printable coupons. Besides those specific sites, you can also find lists of excellent websites on the following directory pages: Quotations, Vocabulary Lists, and BOTW Vocabulary Lists.

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